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«ST» introduces single stage - «S-series» and multi-stage - «M-series» miniature thermoelectric coolers (TECs). Each series is divided to the subseries in according to its geometrical design and performance characteristics. Total number of standard TEC configurations is more than 1000 and its quantity is permanently growing. Standard «ST» coolers have dimensions of the cold side in the range from 1x1 to 25x25 sq. mm, maximum current from 0.3 to 10 A and maximum temperature difference 74°C for «S-series» and up to 130°C for «M-series» modules (in vacuum from Th=30°C). «ST» utilizes in its manufacturing practice superior thermoelectric materials, ceramic substrates and alloys supplied from the leading world manufacturers. It allows us to produce TE products with high quality and excellent performance characteristics. Recently «ST» provided novel high tech antidiffusion coating for the TE elements junctions. It considerably increases reliability of our TECs, what is particularly important for TEC operation at harsh environment conditions (elevated ambient temperatures, mechanical loads etc.).

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