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Customized TECs

Despite variety of standard TECs we offer, we are permanently getting requests from our clients for developing something new - thermoelectric products which will satisfy exactly their special demands. Such parameters as TEC thermal or electrical characteristics, geometrical design, coating of the outer TEC surfaces or any other parameter can be ideally suited to your requirements.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your individual TEC requirements in more details.

Individual TEC Request

If you did not find suitable TECs for your application or you are not sure what exact model you need, please fill in specification form as full as you can and send it to us. Our specialists will contact you ASAP.

Customer information
Requirements Specification
Object to be cooled
Restriction on TEC Dimensions
Restrictions on Electrical Parameters (if applicable)
Restriction on Heat Removal
If you do not know this temperature, please specify the parameters stated below.
Other additional information