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SmarTThermoelectrics «ST» specializes in design, developing and manufacturing of small sized thermoelectric coolers (TECs) and completed thermal management systems based on these TECs. Our thermoelectric products are often integral part to the electronic and optoelectronic components, assemblies and systems in variety of industrial sectors: telecommunications, medical, aerospace, automotive, military, consumer electronics, science and education etc. «ST» TECs are widely used for cooling and temperature control ofsemiconductor lasers, light emitting diodes (LEDs), X-Ray and IR detectors, Charged Coupled Devices (CCD), central processor units (CPUs)and many other objects where localized/spot heat rejection or heating is needed.

Along with manufacturing practice, «ST» being R&D Company focused on permanent researches in field of thermoelectric technology and application as well as on thermal management issues of electronic components. Our company provides complex thermal management services from initial problem definition to the supply of efficient thermal solution. As a rule this way includes mechanical design, detailed thermal analyze, prototyping and final production. Presence of the qualified team and high-tech equipment, utilizing superior computer programs and mathematic methods in a combination with permanent investments into R&D allow us to deliverourclients effective solutions which will meet their special demands.


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